Motorway Service & Rest Area in France

Driving by car through France? You should sometimes take a break. Either refill your fuel or just rest and avoid to fall asleep while driving. There are many motorways in France. Combined they are more than 11600 kilometers long. About 8000 kilometers of them are toll roads where you have to pay for driving on the motorway. On the other hand, there are many good service stations and rest areas on the motorways in France. The general speed limit on motorways in France is 130 kilometers per hour. During rain or snow the general speed limit is only 110 kilometers per hour on the motorways. We have listed rest areas and service areas with petrol stations on the motorways in France.

In french they are called "Aire de Service d'Autoroute" for service areas mostly with petrol stations and restaurants and "Aire de Repos d'Autoroute" for rest areas, they are mostly equipped with paring places, seats and toilet. Sometimes there es even a playground for children on the rest area.